Float Plan / Route / Trip

Our first trip is a 9000 mile circle of the North Pacific that lets us sail in Hawaii, see the Aleutian Islands, spend the summer with family and friends in Juneau, Alaska, visit more family and friends in Washington, and be back to the California desert for the holidays with family.

Completed: The 1st leg of our 2008 trip was from San Diego, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. We planned on leaving between April 2nd and April 10th, 2008. The distance is approximately 2,200 nautical miles. KC anticipated arriving in Hawaii two to three weeks after we depart; JoLe was a bit more pessimistic and believed we would arrive within three to four weeks. (Actual:  2,277 nm; April 9 to April 26 ... 18 days, KC was closer to being on the mark.)

Completed: The 2nd leg of our trip is from Hawaii to the Aleutian Islands with landfall at Adak, Alaska. Depending on weather we plan on leaving on this leg sometime during the last week of May 2008. This leg is approximately 2,100 nautical miles and we anticipate arriving in Adak sometime the week of June 15th.  (Actual: 2,068 nm;  June 9 to June 23 ... 15 days, actually landed in Dutch Harbor, AK rather than Adak due to weather.)

Completed: From Adak we will continue along the Aleutian Islands, exploring as we go, depending upon the weather of course, heading toward Dutch Harbor and Kodiak, then across the Gulf of Alaska for landfall in Sitka during the 1st week of July. (Actual:  578 nm; June 28 to July 3... 5 days Dutch Harbor to Kodiak - Sitka bypassed.)

Completed: Thereafter, we will head to Juneau to visit family and friends for approximately a month, with hopefully a side trip thrown in on the boat to do some kayaking in Glacier Bay.  (Actual:  583 nm; July 9 to July 14 ... 6 days Kodiak to Juneau - Glacier Bay bypassed)

Completed: The 3rd leg of our trip will start the beginning of August when we leave Juneau to head for Washington, which is approximately 1,200 nautical miles. We plan on meandering our way down the Inside Passage to the San Juan Islands, over to Port Townsend, and on to Seattle. We should be in the Washington area by mid-to-late August and will spend 2-3 weeks in the area visiting family and friends.  (Actual:  ______ nm; August 28 to September 14 ... 17 days Juneau to Seattle - didn't meander, didn't see the San Juan Islands, ran out of time!)

The 4th, and final, leg of our journey is ... from Seattle, Washington to... (We were to return to San Diego in 2008 but as of this time we are still traveling on the sailboat and enjoying it.)

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