We returned to Washington in April, 2009 to start preparations on our boat for this summer’s travels and cast off on June 4 to head up the inside passages of BC and Alaska. There were so many areas that we wanted to explore last year that returning this year was the only way we could do it.

We had a wonderful time in the Seattle area visiting with friends and prepping the boat but as life would have it work intruded and we spent a large block of time taking care of business.  Being away in 2008 had a price in having to catch up with an economy going crazy while we were sailing.  Being more available this summer is now a necessity to keep up with business.

We intend to post to our website as last year but new computers with Windows Vista have made mush of our communications programs for the moment.  We have decided to put all our ship's log and pictures in sets that we will post through the summer.  We will post to the website as we hit ports with true email access which will be more often than last year. 

Our idea on posting didn't quite work out as planned.  Unfortunately we found that even then we had problems sending photos, in addition, JoLe who had planned on learning how to post to the website herself before we left, didn't have time to learn how to, so unfortunately we weren't able to post as often as planned although we are currently bringing it up to date (working on it as of October 1, 2009).

Fall 2009/Winter 2010 Projects:   As usual there are a few! 

KC will be completing this section at a later date.

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