Our plan in 1997 was to look at sailboats over the next two years to find and then purchase the sailboat that would best suit our needs. The perfect sailboat was found sooner than imagined and purchased within 6 months. We christened her “STX” and in August of 1997 we took delivery off the coast of California of our Kalik 44’ cutter.

STX was then sailed, actually motored, to Ensenada, Mexico where the boat began a ten year refit while also being used for family vacations and some true adventures.

After six years in Mexico, STX was moved to San Diego to complete the refit which would end up covering nearly every aspect of the boat. The only original items remaining are the hull, keel and mast.

All mechanical, electrical, plumbing, water heater, flooring, ceiling panels, sails, rigging and instrumentation were replaced, with the addition of a generator, water maker, heater, and a refrigeration and communications system.

This refit took 10 years as the majority of the work was done by us while we were raising 5 kids, making a living to pay for the refit, and using the boat at the same time.

In actuality when we left San Diego in April 2008 not everything was complete; the headliners throughout the salon and galley hadn't been designed and installed and the aft head was only semi-complete, it was in workable shape but not beautiful.   In addition, the interior teak hadn't been sanded and varnished.   We decided not to let this deter us and left anyway.  At the time, in 2008, we thought we would get these projects finished as "we went along".  That tells you how naive we were!   It is now October 2009 and a bit more of the salon headliner has been designed and installed along with beautiful handmade teak trim and handrails (all designed and handmade by KC).  We are hoping to finish these projects before we leave in 2010.   See also, 2009.

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