Ketchikan to Juneau
Photos to follow soon.

June 23, 2009:  Left Ketchikan this morning with friends, Mindy and Dan from Seattle, on board heading for Juneau.   Of course we awoke this morning to pouring rain (meaning buckets and flood warnings) and strong winds from the south; as we are heading north we had the winds at our back.  When we entered Clarence Strait winds were 20-25 kts. and seas were wind driven 6-7 ft.  Made for a few rough hours but did make good time with the sails out, motor sailing between 8 - 10 kts. Planned on going into Meyers Chuck, outside of Ketchikan, just to show Mindy and Dan, but the wind, seas and low tide made the idea seem risky so we decided to pass.  We then rounded the corner into Ernest Sound which was quite a bit calmer than Clarence Strait and the weather decided to clear up so we decided to fish for awhile. Didn't catch anything though. Anchored at the north end of Canoe Passage which is to the west of Brownson Island off of Ernest Sound about 6 miles south of Zimovia Strait.   Anchored here about 4:30 this afternoon and fished as the weather turned brighter and brighter (nicer), hopefully this will carry over until tomorrow.  Dan caught more than JoLe did (score Dan 2:JoLe 0).

Instead of wild life our entertainment today was seeing a float plane lying on the side of a breakwater at low tide one wing to the sky and one to the water.  Originally we thought that the plane had crashed and Mindy was glad that she was on our boat not on a float plane; about an hour later in Clarence Strait Mindy had changed her mind and the float plane was looking better to her.  (Pictures to come, it was amazing, the plane not Mindy).

Will overnight in Wrangell tomorrow night, Wednesday, and fish our way up to go through the Wrangell Narrows, Thursday, around 2 pm. Love, Mom and Dad (JoLe & KC)

June 24, 2009:  Left Canoe Cove this morning around 8 a.m. with a VERY low tide.  As we came out of the mouth of the cove which broadens out quite wide, about 2 miles across, we saw something swimming in the water, so pulled out the binocs to check it out.  Wow, something we've never seen before, a deer swimming from one side of the passage to the other!   Both KC and Dan raced for their cameras.   The deer was just reaching shore so I brought the boat in as close as possible as it climbed out, stood on shore looking at us and shook itself off like a dog, then trotted off into the woods.   Thought this was great and nothing could top it until about a half hour later when we were fishing.  JoLe happened to notice that Dan had some kelp on his line and it was running on top of the water, as she mentioned it to him, he moved to bring it in and said, "Oh, look at that eagle"; we looked and oh, my gosh, this eagle was coming in over Dan's line talon's extended no more than 75 feet from the back of the boat, you could see him so close it was amazing, at the very last minute he pulled out when he realized it was just kelp, not a fish, otherwise he would have grabbed it and taken off with it!   The amazing part of it was that when Dan had mentioned the eagle I said he was probably coming in for Dan's lure, and lo and behold there he was right over the top of it!  Great way to start the day.   Even better though was the sunshine and blue sky that we woke up to this morning and that stayed with us all day and still with us as we write (7:45 pm).

Arrived in Wrangell this afternoon around 4 pm after coming through Zimovia Strait which was as beautiful as ever.  Fished our way there from Canoe Passage and from the Strait almost all the way into Wrangell as planned, caught nothing so Dan and I are still 2:0 (Dan:JoLe), although if we are counting amount of kelp caught, Dan out fished me again today.

Will leave tomorrow around 7 a.m. even though we can't start through the Wrangell Narrows until 2 p.m. due to currents so we can do some fishing (also because of the low tide and the way the dock is situated here in Wrangell; unless we leave before low tide, which is a -4 we will be touching bottom possibly, not good.)  Will bypass Petersburg tomorrow and head to Portage Bay to anchor.  It will be a long day (60 miles).  Hopefully the weather will cooperate, fingers crossed.  Love, Mom and Dad (JoLe & KC)

June 25, 2009:  Left Wrangell at 7 a.m. this morning under cloudy skies which turned to sunshine.  It was a long peaceful sunny day.   Saw 2 deer on the beach and seals outside Petersburg.   Hit 10.5 knots coming through the Wrangell Narrows.   Anchored in Portage Bay outside of Petersburg (off Frederick Sound) at 8:15 p.m. (spent some time fishing which is why it took so long).  Unfortunately, nothing but an Irish Lord, aka a Double Ugly, was caught, by who else but Dan, so the score is now Dan 3: JoLe 0.   Dan has also continued to out fish JoLe in the kelp department.  This evening we are attempting to catch crab on our fishing poles with the crab catcher that Dan brought us using cat food, or as KC puts it we are attempting to catch a cat (this seems to lose something in the translation as we all think it's funny, I think it may be that it's been a really long day).

We're off tomorrow to an anchorage at the bottom of Tracy Arm, hopefully we will start to see some whales.   Did see some icebergs when we came out of the Wrangell Narrows.   Love, Mom and Dad (JoLe and KC)

June 26, 2009:  Left Portage Bay at 8 a.m. this morning, after waking at 3 a.m. to find the boat that was behind us and to our port side was now still on our port side but parallel with us, they had pulled anchor.   Thank goodness we hadn't anchored in line with them.   As we left the bay through small whirlpools etc. we saw about 5 - 6 eagles fishing over the water so we headed that way to see what they were fishing for.   There were herring popping like popcorn in a pan all around us so instead of heading for Tracy Arm as planned we dropped our lines overboard and fished.   Did we catch anything?   Did we get a nibble?  No.  KC even drove us through the eagles, the herring popping, etc....  Did get some great pictures of the eagles feeding though.   On our way across Frederick Sound to Cape Fanshaw we began to see more and more whales blowing although none close enough to take pictures. Now anchored in Tracy Arm and will go to the glacier tomorrow.  Fished more outside Tracy Arm and caught junk fish, Dan catching more than JoLe.  Dan and JoLe have decided not to start a charter fishing company.  We have been blessed by good weather and everyone is getting sunburned.     Love, Mom and Dad (JoLe and KC)

June 27, 2009:  We are currently on our way back down Tracy Arm to the cove we anchored at last night.  We didn't make it to the face of either glacier but did make it past the Island this time and were able to see both glaciers as there wasn't any rain.  Lots of icebergs toward the end, did a lot of dodging and quick turns to avoid them!

Woke this morning to rain at 5 a.m. and then broken clouds and sunshine at 7 a.m.  Went out for a dinghy ride at 9 a.m. to check out some really big icebergs (they made a 110 foot boat passing them look small) to see if we could climb on them to have our pictures taken, no such luck unfortunately.   We did find one just a few minutes ago that looked promising, in fact we took the sailboat to within a foot of it, it was as flat as a table top.  Contemplated throwing out the bumpers but decided not to, didn't want to scratch the boat.   Have some great photos of seals hanging out on the icebergs also.  As usual the waterfalls were absolutely gorgeous and the icebergs spectacular.  Ending the day, at least right now, with a bit of rain, but nothing too bad.

Will head to Auke Bay tomorrow to dock so can show Mind and Dan Juneau on Monday before they leave (unless Dan and JoLe have a change in their luck and all of a sudden start catching something then we may stay out one more day and come in Monday, will let you know for sure!).  Love, Mom and Dad (JoLe and KC)  

We didn't catch a darn thing, but LOTS of salmon jumping around us! 

6/29/2009:  We arrived in Juneau with our sunshine hole that we have followed from Ketchikan.  Complete change from our first day, sunshine and glassy seas.  Mindy will now forget her first day when the weather and seas were truly nasty.  On the fishing score the fish won, we ended up with fewer fish in the boat than when we started.  We used two dozen herring and hundreds of dollars worth of lures to no avail.  The final insult was in Auke Bay when a sea lion caught a fish 20 ft from the boat and proceeded to show it off to us as if we were going to dive in the water and catch them with our teeth although we may have been more successful.  JoLe’s did suggest that simply use a net and dip in the ocean as so many salmon were jumping around us, in fact one played hopscotch around our lines!

We left Tracy Arm yesterday morning to find pods of orca just outside the entrance.   Spent about 40 minutes following one of the pods of about 3, 2 small ones and a large one snapping photos like crazy.  Watched whales coming down the back side of Douglas also.  It was a fantastic day on the water, with temperatures hitting 70 degrees.

All in all the trip from Ketchikan was perfect as the weather cooperated.   Love, Mom and Dad (JoLe and KC)

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