San Diego to Hawaii

4/10/2008 UTC date 2:23 PM UTC time 4/10/2008 Pacific Time date 7:23 AM Pacific Time 31°57.22'N Latitude 118°17.86'W Longitude 221T Course 6.5 Speed

Have gone over 70 miles since we left yesterday 4/9/08. Winds of 15 to 30 and waves of 10 to 25, boat is handling well, so are we. Used the storm sail yesterday and during the night also. The autopilot gave up the ghost at 2a.m. in the pitch dark, no moon, think due to a magnetic disturbance area we went through! Came back on when the sun came up!

All is going well, no or very little sleep though due to 1st night out. Will catch up today. Glad to be here spending our 15th Anniversary!

4/12/2008UTC date 1:41 PM UTC time 4/12/2008 Pacific Time date 6:41 AM Pacific Time 30°32.36'N Latitude 122°26.35'W Longitude 257T Course 6.2 Speed

Covered about 100 miles since yesterday's report. We have traveled 327 miles so far. Winds stayed slow all day yesterday, started out 10 knots and went down thereafter. Seas stayed down all day also. Started out yesterday, 4/11, having coffee watching the sun come up with dolphins playing with the boat for about 1/2 an hour. Great way to start the day! Being able to take a shower later in the day capped it off! Last night, it is now 6:38am, was clouding without stars or moon, very dark. Winds since 2am have been between 8-17 kts and what a ride as the boat slows then flies in the dark. Looks gray and cloudy with winds of 6-17 so far.  Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/13/2008 UTC date 1:45 PM UTC time 4/13/2008 Pacific Time date 6:45 AM Pacific Time 29°42.84'N Latitude 124°52.19'W Longitude 243T Course 6.5 Speed

Covered about 140 miles since yesterday. We have now covered 465 miles. Winds died down to anywhere between 4 - 10 knots around 8 am yesterday and stayed that way until early afternoon, also stayed overcast until early afternoon then the sun and wind broke out! Making good time.

Today looks as being the same as yesterday but a bit warmer.  Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/14/2008 UTC date 1:41 PM UTC time 4/14/2008 Pacific Time date 6:41 AM Pacific Time 28°43.26'N Latitude 127°29.62'W Longitude 252T Course 6.3 Speed

Covered about 150 miles since yesterday. We have now covered 615 miles. Winds stayed steady between 8 - 12 knots until around 5pm with sun and clear skies. Had dolphins in the am and pm. The pm pod was huge and played with the boat for about 45 min. Saw first other boat, fishing boat 20 miles away, around noon and then two large ships up close at 5am. A bit warmer. The water is very blue and it's so peaceful out here. Did laundry today. Due to the change in sunrise for us, the sail mails will be coming about an hour or so later for those that are looking for them.  Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/15/2008 UTC date 2:31 PM UTC time 4/15/2008 Pacific Time date 7:31 AM Pacific Time 27°48.70'N Latitude 130°01.00'W Longitude 253T Course 4.6 Speed

When you have really nice weather and a great day there is a payback. We got ours as the day started winding up and just got worse and then had seas from two directions thrown in for added fun. We covered about 150 miles in crap weather. We are now at 765 miles. Winds stayed at 20+ all day and last night with seas of 10-20 ft. We are on the fringe of a storm system and will likely have this lovely weather all day today. We are having fun in spite of the weather. Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/16/2008 UTC date 2:40 PM UTC time 4/16/2008 Pacific Time date 7:40 AM Pacific Time 27°28.53'N Latitude 132°23.68'W Longitude 263T Course 3.9 Speed

Yesterday still had seas from two directions and 8-21 kt winds, still on the edge of the storm. We covered about 126 miles and are now at 891 miles. Unfortunately a lot of the 126 miles was in a northwesterly direction due to wave and wind conditions (the positive note was that we did a lot of surfing with the boat!) Doing that at night in the dark is a rush. Something new everyday in sailing and sharing watches. We sometimes have set 4-6 hr shifts, but when the weather isn't as nice trade hr by hr. or every 2 hrs. We are currently running the storm sail and partial main which we had out last night, but as winds and waves have now dropped we are hoping to fly the spinnaker so we can improve our speed and direction.  Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/1/7/08:UTC date 2:41 PM UTC time 4/16/2008 Pacific Time date 7:41 AM Pacific Time 27°28.51'N Latitude 132°23.79'W Longitude 253T Course 4.6 Speed

We covered about 147 miles yesterday and have now traveled 1038 miles. If that was as the crow flies that would be great! We put up the spinnaker yesterday and it came down by itself, into the water twice. The first time the connector for the sock broke dropping it into the water while KC was in the middle of fixing the autopilot, thank goodness the two control sheets (lines) held so we were able to pull it into the cockpit after running over the sail, very wet business. Unfortunately we lost the sock which is how we are used to launching and retrieving our spinnaker. The next go round of launching we got it up after packing it into its sail bag, then loosing the sail bag, plus getting it twisted etc. but we did get up and flying until about 10 pm when the halyard at the mast decided to give up the ghost due to friction from the sail changing directions with the wind. Again we dropped it into the ocean and were able to retrieve it but this time over the bow, in the dark in wind and seas! Thank goodness KC got the autopilot working as it took both of us to get it aboard. Needless to say we've just about had it with the spinnaker. Instead we are now tacking back and forth across our "line" to Hawaii using the jib as our spinnaker. Not the best but we are at least making headway. Not a straight line, nor as fast, but getting there. Weather still overcast and nippy.

4/18/2008 UTC date 1:56 PM UTC time 4/18/2008 Pacific Time date 6:56 AM Pacific Time 26°08.84'N Latitude 136°55.23'W Longitude 260T Course 5.0 Speed

We covered 120 miles yesterday and have now traveled 1158 miles. We are over halfway there but Hawaii seems real close now. Yesterday was a quite day where we just rested up and did not do or have any excitement. Nice day. Watched huge storm clouds circle around the sky and did get a touch of rain.

4/19/2008 UTC date 2:52 PM UTC time 4/19/2008 Pacific Time date 7:52 AM Pacific Time 25°47.08'N Latitude 139°27.56'W Longitude 268T Course 6.7 Speed

We covered 143 miles yesterday for a total of 1301 miles. Still just using our jib as a spinnaker. We have decided to make landfall on Maui rather than on Honolulu due to lat. and long. and looking at amenities at the two harbors. Have been having rain squalls off and on the past two days which don't last long, but seem to happen just when we get all settled in so have to put everything away quickly. Some sunshine yesterday afternoon so we took time out from checking out and putting away the spinnaker, changing the generator oil, cleaning water filters and doing laundry to bask in it for a bit. Amazingly still seeing birds now and again. Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/20/2008 UTC date 2:05 PM UTC time 4/20/2008 Pacific Time date 7:05 AM Pacific Time 24°42.81'N Latitude 141°48.40'W Longitude 247T Course 5.6 Speed

We covered 143 miles again for a total of 1444 miles and only 850 until landfall. Still just using our jib as a spinnaker with the wind at our backs. Some sunshine yesterday afternoon and saw our first fish swim by. We are not running any fishing poles but plan to when we leave Hawaii. Nothing exciting here, just the big ocean scenery. For those kids that complained about the vastness of Kansas we are so glad that you are not with us. Can not see you all having an appreciation for the minute variations in waves and color day after day.

4/21/2008 UTC date 1:48 PM UTC time 4/21/2008 Pacific Time date 6:48 AM Pacific Time 24°31.07'N Latitude 144°03.30'W Longitude 257T Course 6.2 Speed

We covered 124 miles yesterday for a total of 1568 miles. 720+/- miles as the crow flies now to Maui. We had light enough winds so we decided to run the spinnaker. Wouldn't you know it, after everything was set up and ready to launch, the winds picked up to 20 kts so we put it away for another day. Of course after we put it away the winds dropped again! Had some rain squalls again yesterday and last night, but also laid out in the sun for a bit also (in long pants and sleeves). We are getting a sampling of all sorts of weather.

The mornings before sunrise are unreal, they are dark and the wind picks up to a steady 19-21 kts and the boat looks like it is flying. The water can just be made out and you hear the wind and water roaring by. Kind of like skiing too fast, real fun. We are wondering what it will be like when we hit DC and the ground isn't rocking. We are sore and physically tired from getting in shape from having to adjust our balance full time. Was not something that was anticipated. Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/23/2008 UTC date 4:13 PM UTC time 4/23/2008 Pacific Time date 9:13 AM Pacific Time 23°25.18'N Latitude 147°57.09'W Longitude 256T Course 5.0 Speed

We covered 99 miles yesterday for a total of 1796 miles. The day started out with 6 - 9 knot winds and went down hill thereafter; we spent most of the daylight hours with 4 - 6 knot winds doing about 2.5 knots. We did enjoy the sunshine though and very little wave action. In fact we figured we get a lot of little projects finished. Nope! Instead we hung out in our swimsuits tanning and reading books! Maybe tomorrow we'll get to that list of things to do! Decided that we would motor through the night to pick up some miles and not have to contend with a flapping sail. We have cloud cover this morning and looks like wind enough to sail. It's nice to have the fuel capacity that we can motor when we need to.Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/24/2008 UTC date 2:49 PM UTC time 4/24/2008 Pacific Time date 7:49 AM Pacific Time22°48.30'N Latitude 149°45.25'W Longitude 251T Course 6.1 Speed

We covered 108 miles yesterday for a total of 1904 miles. Yesterday started with enough wind that we could sail instead of motoring as we had done all night. Winds of 6-8 kts so we could maintain 3.5 kts of speed, not stellar but did not have to listen to the motor. Had some clouds and lots of sun and the temp was 76-80. Nice day to work on our tans, mandatory, so not to be sunburned when we go snorkeling and swimming in Hawaii.

Late afternoon the winds increased and changed direction so we could run more into the wind and use all our sails. Speed went up to 6.5 kts with 4 ft seas. Nice sailing. Only great disappointment so far is that JoLe has not seen or found on deck any flying fish. She knows they are there and has read that they are but they haven't shown. She was hoping to have several samples to prove their existence to the doubting children. The surprise of receiving a fish in the mail to prove they exist would have been priceless. The trip is not over, so we will see. Last night the weather turned to squalls and rain storms. At one point the radar looked like a pinball machine that we were going through with squalls all around us. Long crazy night. Not sure what this morning brings as the seas and wind are confused.

4/25/2008 UTC date 3:35 PM UTC time 4/25/2008 Pacific Time date 8:35 AM Pacific Time 22°18.29'N Latitude 152°10.59'W Longitude 252T Course 3.9 Speed

We covered 138 miles yesterday for a total of 2042 miles and about 248 miles to Maui. Yesterday continued with squalls off and on all day and night long, so wind stayed up also, anywhere between 10 - 20 knots, so made for nice sailing speeds. Had a few rain showers off and on also; needless to say it's a bit muggy and 78 degrees outside. Hoping to make Kahului Harbor on Maui on Sunday if all goes well, overnight there and then head up the outer coast of Molokai as Rory has tipped us that it is gorgeous, possibly overnighting at Halawa Bay at one end and then Papohaku Roadstead at the other end before heading over to Ala Wai Harbor on Oahu. The snorkeling is supposed to be great at both of these harbors, anchor only.Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

PS: update... KC and JoLe just called Barb and the winds have dropped some, nice sunny skies, closer now to Maui. It looks like the Ali Wai Harbormaster is shuffling boats so they are going to do some island cruising before heading on to Oahu.   RW

4/26/2008UTC date 4:16 PM UTC time 4/26/2008 Pacific Time date 9:16 AM Pacific Time

21°45.68'N Latitude 154°05.13'W Longitude 262T Course 5.1 Speed

We covered 112 miles yesterday for a total of 2154 miles and about 150 miles to the north end of Maui. Plans have changed, we can no longer stay in the harbor on Maui that we intended to as we were informed yesterday that they are having canoe races and there was no room to anchor or moor boats. Instead we are heading to the north end of Maui to a small bay or to the end of Moloki to a small bay and will anchor there overnight. Yesterday ended up being clear with less and less wind as the day progressed until finally around 8:00 pm there was -0- wind and we caved and turned the motor on. The ocean was flat and glassy and it was 84 degrees, clothes should be optional. Saw a ship, first in a week. Hasn't been anything on the AIS, amazing how big the ocean is. Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

Landfall! today. 4/27/2008

Quick update: KC and JoLe just called and are anchored in a small cove on the north tip of Maui... more tomorrow and pictures later this week.

UTC date 3:00 PM UTC time 4/27/2008 Pacific Time date 8:00 AM Pacific Time 21°12.07'N Latitude 156°12.80'W Longitude 252T Course 6.5 Speed

We covered 123 miles yesterday for a total of 2277 miles and we have about 45 miles to Honolua Bay at the north end of Maui where we hope to anchor this afternoon and spend the night. If all goes as planned looking forward to no night watches and a full nights sleep! Ended up motoring ALL day yesterday and last night, just no wind whatsoever, zip. Water has changed though, large northerly swell coming through. Looking forward to saying Land Ho (we have seen lights though early this a.m.)! Will call from cell phone and send regular email when all of that is working! Should be in Ala Wai Harbor, Oahu by Wednesday. Intend on working our way up Moloki staying at various anchorages. Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

Hi all! We're in Hawaii! We are currently anchored in Honolua Bay at the North end of Maui, it is a Marine Preserve. We arrived here, Sunday, 4/27 around noon PST and promptly went snorkeling with the LARGE sea turtles! There's a bunch of them here and one that keeps checking out the boat. We've had to re-anchor the boat 3 times due to the thin sand bottom but believe we are now "stuck in" for the evening. The bay is beautiful, surrounded by high cliffs on all 3 sides and on the east side we have surfers at L'Poa Point. We can see why it is considered one of the best surfing areas on Maui as the waves are long and look fun. We've swam but still haven't touched land yet! Tomorrow we plan on heading across the channel to Molokai and working our way up the outside anchoring in various small harbors, arriving in Oahu at our berth at Ala Wai Harbor on Wednesday. We will keep our Sail Mail updated until we arrive on Wednesday as I'm not sure whether we will continue to have regular e-mail and cell phone access (was surprised to have it here). 

4/28/2008 UTC date 8:18 PM UTC time 4/28/2008 Pacific Time date 1:18 PM Pacific Time 21°00.85'N Latitude 156°38.34'W Longitude 012T Course 0.0 Speed

You will notice our speed has dropped and there isn't any speed, this is how fast we go at anchor (we swing at anchor and the computer GPS/computer picks it up and computes it). We covered 31 more miles yesterday for a total of 2308 miles to Honolua Bay, Maui. During the 18 days (432 hours) of our trip we averaged 5.35 kts/hr and 128 miles/day for the entire trip. Not exactly A record time but much faster than JoLe anticipated, although it was JoLe who set the speed records of 10.2 and 10.3 kts of top speed when surfing the waves. As most of you have heard we made "landfall" here yesterday, although we still haven't touched land! Overnighted here in the bay and have decided to stay another night as the anchorage is so pleasant.

Will leave Tuesday a.m. for the trip up Moloki and plan to overnight at Papohaku Roadstead at the North end of Moloki Tuesday pm. Will continue to sail mail until we arrive in Oahu. Snorkeling is great here!

4/29/2008 UTC date 8:21 PM UTC time 4/29/2008 Pacific Time date 1:21 PM Pacific Time 21°11.36'N Latitude 156°46.42'W Longitude 277T Course 5.4 Speed

Leaving Honolua Bay heading over to Molokai. Got up this a.m. to rain! If have time, and weather permits, will stop in at a few harbors for a peek, if not, straight to Papohaku Roadstead. Wrote the previous about 2+ hours ago but we were unable to send. Here is the update. Made it across the channel with winds of 20 - 25 knots (hit a gust of 31), rain squalls also. Once we made it across the winds have died down to 15 - 20 (at one point we thought 22 knots was slow!). Anyway, things have calmed down and can see the Island, very beautiful. Have seen lots of flying fish, so JoLe is in 7th heaven. Heading straight for the Roadstead, should take about another 6 hours. At least the water is warm as we have taken a few into the cockpit, JoLe has worn a few waves. KC is in board shorts and is warm! Will call, email or sail mail when we get there, whatever works! Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

4/30/2009:  We are docked in Ala Wai Harbor, Oahu.

Made it in around 12:30 a.m. PST, Wednesday. Plan on sleeping in tomorrow before heading to... where else, West Marine! Interesting coming in in the dark. For the next month, contact us via regular email or our cell phones.

On May 9 we left HI for Washington, D.C. to attend Bailee's graduation from MWU and Kris's graduation from USUHS. We spent the week in between the graduations with our parents sightseeing in D.C., returning to Hawaii on May 19. Meanwhile, JoLe's brother, Rob, and his wife, Cathy, boat-sat while we were in D.C.

Hey! Thought we'd catch everyone up on our doings as we haven't stayed in touch very well since we arrived in HI (too busy enjoying the weather and chasing our spinnaker). We left Oahu (Ala Wai Harbor in Honolulu) this past Saturday morning, June 1, and sailed up the leeward side of the Island to Makua (beach), which is where the Army used to practice their strafing/bombing runs for WWII. It is now used as a grenade range sometimes. It was beautiful there and there was no army activity. We anchored in 35 feet of water off a pristine white sand beach and you could see the bottom! We had hoped to swim with dolphins, but unfortunately none appeared, JoLe's prayers were answered as she did not want to get in the water with them.

The next morning, June 2, we headed across the channel to Kauai. Fantastic sailing the whole way. We started out at about 6 knots of boat speed and ended the day at about 8 knots. Set "Ray", the Autopilot, put out a couple of poles, as KC had seen a fish jump out of the water the day before that was as long as he is tall (6'), picked up a book or slept the 10 hours across! Arrived in Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai in time for dinner. Nawiliwili Harbor is next to Lihue on Kauai. Spent Monday kayaking up the stream (2 miles) next to the harbor. It was absolutely beautiful, saw lots of large fish jumping and wished for my trout pole. Tuesday rented a car and drove up to Hanalei Bay on the north side of Kauai, which is where we intended to sail to on Tuesday. Unfortunately though we are still sitting in Nawiliwili Harbor (not that it isn't beautiful here) waiting for our spinnaker to arrive. It was supposed to arrive in Honolulu last Thursday after being repaired. What arrived was the launch/retrieve sock only, they had failed to ship the sail, OOPS! They located our sail and Fed-X'd it to arrive on Monday but forgot to complete the paperwork so the sail has been sitting in Anchorage Customs. You can already see where this is going I'm sure.... to cut to the chase, it is currently on a plane to Honolulu and will supposedly be delivered by 10:30 a.m. Wednesday here in Kauai, we hope.

Anyway, we spent the day today checking out Hanalei Bay which we hope to be at Thursday, with sail n board! We intend to spend Wednesday exploring the West side of Kauai and it's canyons. Thursday, as stated, sailing to Hanalei Bay, and Friday snorkeling in Hanalei Bay. We intend to leave for AK sometime over the weekend unless the weather window is just absolutely awful, then we will suffer in the sun here. Actually we are looking forward to be sailing again as there is only so much sun and idle time that we can enjoy. The boat is stocked and we have adjusted those few items that needed attention from our "shake down" from San Diego. The first portion of the AK leg is HI to Adak. As many of you know there have been a steady string of gales blowing down from the Bering Strait and tropical storms out of the Sea of Japan, more so than usual, which is why we are being cautious on our timing and route. We will be watching the weather carefully as we travel. It will take us about a week or so to hit the problem area, if there is going to be one. If it appears that we need to alter plans we will make landfall more toward Dutch Harbor or Kodiak rather than Adak, which ever of the two makes more sense. We would really like to make landfall in AK on Adak but if the weather precludes it, then it does and we can do it some other time. That's about it for us! Hope all is well with everyone, we think of you often and enjoy hearing from you. We will continue to have email and cell phone contact until we leave this weekend if anyone wants to get hold of us. We will send a quick email to all of you again, letting you know the exact day/time we are leaving Hanalei Bay for AK, thereafter check the website as Rory will continue to update it with our daily logs from Sail Mail (hopefully some pictures of Makua Beach, the stream we kayaked, Nawiliwili Harbor and Hanalei Bay also).

Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

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