Dutch Harbor to Kodiak

6/29/2008 UTC date 6:58 AM UTC time 6/28/2008 Pacific Time date 11:58 PM Pacific Time 54°03.03'N Latitude 164°53.66'W Longitude 071T Course 5.9 Speed

We left Dutch Harbor this morning at 11:05 a.m. to make the Ebb tide going out of Akutan Pass. Truly enjoyed our time here, met a lot of nice people and saw some great country. What was amazing is that we did not meet a single unpleasant person the whole time here, can't remember ever having that experience, great people here. As of writing this, 5pm AK time, we have traveled 32.21 nm. We would have made better mileage if we hadn't stopped to see the hundreds of sea lions packing the shores of Akutan Island! What a treat. No one had mentioned anything to us about them, KC just happened to be looking through the binoculars at the spectacular scenery and lo and behold, there they were! If we had more time during the day and more knowledge of the Ebb/Flood tides we would have anchored in one of the little bays we found them in, off loaded the kayaks and gone exploring. The only other problem was at the 60' mark there was thick kelp so we couldn't get in any further. Got some great photos though of the sea lions and the rocks. Also saw a little otter swimming along, plus a couple porpoise came and joined us for a while until the scent of food carried them off. There have also been puffin galore. Lots of photos to be added to the website once we reach Kodiak and can download them to Rory. We are currently coming through Akutan Pass (from the Bering Sea) and back into the Gulf of Alaska/Pacific.

We plan on staying in close to shore hoping to sight see as we go along. This may change if we find ourselves in too much fog or no wind at all. Intentions are to still run 24/7 to Kodiak unless we feel a great need to pull into a bay to anchor for the night, which is also why we're staying closer to shore, at least at this point. Again, this may change.  Love, Mom and Dad/JoLe and KC

6/30/2008 UTC date 6:59 AM UTC time 6/29/2008 Pacific Time date 11:59 PM Pacific Time 54°47.58'N Latitude 161°08.66'W Longitude 056T Course 6.4 Speed

We are 207 nm out of Dutch Harbor and are looking at another 350 nm to reach Kodiak. Fairly calm day with overcast and some spots of sun so have been motor sailing. Rugged pristine country to look at. Have seen more ship traffic today than the whole trip from CA; saw up to 18 ships today. They are coming through the Unimak Pass, from the Gulf of Alaska to the Bering Sea (or the other way around). We crossed the shipping lane during the night. Have continued to see puffins and a few sea lions who pop their heads up to see what we are, but nothing like yesterday, guess we are too far off shore. Will be passing amongst the Shumagin Islands tomorrow.  Love, Mom and Dad/JoLe and KC

7/1/2008 UTC date 7:04 AM UTC time 7/1/2008 Pacific Time date 12:04 AM Pacific Time 56°06.13'N Latitude 157°24.36'W Longitude 061T Course 6.8 Speed

We are approx. 356 nm out of Dutch Harbor and motor sailed most of the day. The day was calm although as evening approached the seas came up a bit. The morning started out a bit dreary and wet as we passed between the Shumagin Islands but as the day progressed so did the weather, we hit a balmy 55 today! Two different pods of porpoise played with the boat today and we sited three different pods of whales. We were quite excited at the whale sitings as we haven't seen any so far and have just been waiting and keeping our eyes peeled (at least JoLe has). We continue to see other ships passing and are very glad to have our AIS which "sees" them before we or our radar does, then tracks them for us and lets us know when and how far from each other we will be passing. It was well worth the purchase. Currently heading toward the Semidi Islands at the south end of Shelikof Strait on the west side of Kodiak Island, passing Chignik Bay, then will head across to the south tip of Kodiak Island, planning to arrive in Kodiak Harbor Wednesday after noon.  Love, Mom and Dad/JoLe and KC

 7/2/2008 UTC date 7:44 AM UTC time 7/2/2008 Pacific Time date 12:44 AM Pacific Time 56°57.63'N Latitude 153°13.76'W Longitude 052T Course 5.4 Speed

We are approx. 508 nm out of Dutch Harbor, 70 nm from Kodiak Harbor. We have been able to continue sailing through the day which has been quite pleasant. The morning started out beautiful, blue skies that lasted until afternoon, we now have serious clouds as a precursor to a storm (gale) which we should outrun. We have passed the south end of Kodiak Island through Sitkinak Strait and are sailing the 100 nm up the east side of the island to Kodiak harbor.

As for our comment about seeing whales in the distance... Do we have a story for you ... JoLe was awakened shortly after her watch this morning to a shout of "get out here, quick!" She did, to find herself looking at the back of a whale approximately 30 feet in front of the starboard side of the boat! This continued once again, while KC quickly disengaged the autopilot, as the whale(s) and the boat seemed to be on the same track, and we watched one whale come up twice more, now to our port side! What a rush!

What I didn't see before KC called me up was that there was two whales, and the way KC saw them was when the one on the port side blew all over the boat, and then the one on the starboard side did the same! Apparently, the port side whale then dove. We believe they had been sunning themselves just under the surface and we surprised them as KC certainly hadn't seen them previously! They were fin back whales and were absolutely awesome creatures! And to the question, did we get a picture? Maybe a bit of one as he made the last dive to our port side, I know we at least have a photo of the whirlpool he made with the side of boat/sail in that shows how close he was! Will look at picture closer when we download it in Kodiak. Just before dinner we saw three whales feeding about 250 yards from the boat, great show and photos too. When we arrive we will contact all depending on availability of phone and e-mail coverage, hopefully our AT&T stuff will all work there, if not we'll get in touch one way or another.  Love, Mom and Dad/JoLe and KC

Hey everyone!  We arrived in Kodiak yesterday, Wednesday, July 3, afternoon around 1 p.m. and promptly went out for lunch and then took a nap to catch up on our sleep. Aren't we exciting?

Both of us were tired after spending JoLe's morning watch, 4 a.m. - 7 a.m., spotting for the 60 - 100 whales around us as we passed through the mouth of Ugak Bay on our way to Narrow Cape approximately 6 hours south of Kodiak Harbor. Awesome sight, but they have terrible breath! That's how JoLe found out she was surrounded by whales when she started her watch, she couldn't figure out what the terrible smell was until she saw the first plume approximately 50 feet off the starboard side, and then another and another, and another... you get the idea! At that point I woke KC to come spot them for me as I threaded my way to Narrow Cape. Coming out of Narrow Cape kept us on our toes also. KC had just nodded off for a well deserved sleep when JoLe again woke him for advice on surfing a 44' sailboat down 15-20 foot swells caused by the riptide we'd been going through coming up on shallow ground and meeting with the ocean. It was quite the experience, one that JoLe felt was best shared by the both of them! Exhilarating!

Coming into Kodiak is quite beautiful and there is another channel leading out that is gorgeous but don't believe our boat can go down due to the height of a bridge over it. We have yet had a chance to explore much, but it appears we will be able to do so on foot as the town is all within walking distance of the city dock we are at. We should be leaving here either Saturday or Sunday weather dependent. We are waiting for a high pressure system in the Gulf of Alaska to help us across and then arriving in Juneau w/in about 6 days, giving ourselves a day to stop along the way. We are sending Rory the photos of the whales, sea lions, otter and other things today to add to the web site. Hope all is well with everyone. We do have email and cell phone coverage here so feel free to email or call us!  Love, JoLe and KC/Mom and Dad

Photo's to follow soon.
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