Juneau to Ketchikan - 08
Juneau to Ketchikan Sail Mail to follow soon.

Hi to everyone: We arrived in sunny Ketchikan today at noon. So far our trip, after leaving Juneau, has been blessed with more sun and less rain than we have experienced since arriving in Alaska. We spent last night in Meyers Chuck which would best be described as an eclectic community of cabins nestled in a tiny cove. It was a fun place to stay as it is far from any reality of the rest of the world. The trip so far has been completely different than crossing the open ocean. We do not make very many miles in a day and constantly adjust our course to take in something we see. The passage through Zimovia Strait and the Narrows at low tide was fun wondering if there was truly enough water under our keel, there was. The towns have so changed since we have last seen them that it's surprising. Petersburg looks more prosperous, Wrangell having a hard time and Ketchikan has grown into a tourist trap like Juneau. We are detouring a bit to see a high school friend at his cabin outside Ketchikan on Monday then off to Prince Rupert. Hope all is well with everyone and those in Juneau are getting some sun to end the summer on a bright note. Love, JoLe/Mom and KC/Dad
Photos to follow soon.
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